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A bit about Precious Metals

When it comes to jewelry making, there are base metals and precious metals. I found that precious metals are the best for my designs as they’re easier to solder, nickel free, and slow to tarnish. They also will not turn your skin green.  

There are no plated metals here! You will find argentium sterling silver, gold filled, rose gold filled and solid gold metals in my items.


We all know the value and rarity of solid gold items, but I’ve provided some tidbits about the composition of argentium sterling silver and filled materials below. 


Argentium Sterling Silver is made of 93.5% pure silver and germanium. It is made from reclaimed silver and meets the legal standard to be considered Sterling Silver. It polishes a bright white color which is closer to fine silver than traditional sterling. Our Argentium Ster Silver is purchased from reputable sources.


Gold filled and Rose Gold filled wire is made by pressure bonding a layer of 14 karat gold/rose gold to a brass core. The 14k/20 represents the karat layer and that it represents 5% of the total weight of the wire. Gold filled and rose gold filled wire is hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant. Our gold filled wire is procured from reputable sources.


I do not use base metals in my designs so you can rest assured your skin will not turn green! 


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