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Happy Birthday July Babies!

It's finally July, where has this year ran off to? July's birthstone is the beautiful, deep and vibrant Ruby! 

The Ruby stone is well known as a deep red gemstone and crystal. It is an excellent stone for recharging your energy levels, and it may stimulate your mind to be more positive and self-assured.

It has a vibration that radiates with an intensity that projects energy and enthusiasm for life. It encourages leadership and increased concentration, with sharpness of intellect. This beautiful red gemstone allows you to see your own strength, and your creative potential from a heart based perspective.

We offer two types of rubies in the shop: lab created and natural free form rose cut (below). Rubies are one of the most expensive gemstones available today and we try to keep our designs in line with the economical, simple versatility that we're known for.

Check out some Ruby beauties in the shop today! 

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