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January + Garnet Bring New Beginngings


I cannot believe we're in 2020 already, I know everyone is saying that but it's true! Thank you to everyone who supported my dream in 2019, it was rocky emotionally but I'm hoping for a much better 2020.

January is usually a time for new chapters/beginnings and there couldn't be a more perfect gemstone for it than Garnet. 

From Gem-A.com, Garnet has an extensive history and rich ancient folklore and can be known as the "gem of faith." It has powers of good health, prosperity and peace and those that wear it and do good, are further rewarded with good will. The bright and vibrant nature of garnet is thought to be fitting to the spirited personalities of those born in the month of January. It is thought that individuals who wear this stone can enter the New Year with a sense of renewed purpose, hope and lasting happiness.

Garnet can come in green, purple, red, orangey reds and sometimes even yellow. The natural garnet gemstone ring in features  deep red gemstone that is untreated and from Madagascar. 

Select the picture to check out the ring, but we also have other designs for birthstones.

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