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Let's Have a Treasure Hunt!

I'm super excited to introduce our Treasure hunt game using graphics I created in Adobe Illustrator.

The graphic below identifies 10 pieces that allow you to qualify for the $75 credit!

a white background filled with gold drawings of various pieces of jewelry



  1. Collect all numbered items above.
  2. Take a picture of those pieces with the shipping box and email it on over!
  3. Receive a $75 credit that's good on everything! It cannot be stacked with any other credits or sales, and only one is allowed per customer. 


  1. Small Gemstone Ring
    1. 4mm Gemstone Ring
    2. Crystal Birthstone Ring
    3. Minimalist Birthstone Ring
    4. Blue/gray rose cut diamond engagement rings
    5. 3mm Chakra Gemstone Ring
  2. Hexagon Moonstone Ring
  3. Oval Gemstone Hoop Dangles
  4. Herkimer Double Circle Eternity Necklace
  5. Rose Cut Ring
  6. Herkimer Diamond Studs
  7. Oval Gemstone Ring
    1. Thin Oval Gemstone Ring
    2. 14K Oval Gemstone Ring
    3. Oval Gemstone Ring
  8. Rock Quartz Teardrop Earrings
  9. Round Studs
    1. Stud Bezel Earrings
    2. Gemstone Huggie Earrings
    3. 14K Moonstone Earrings
    4. 14K Circle Studs
    5. Small Circle Studs
  10. Pear Moonstone Ring
    1. Small Pear Moonstone
    2. Medium Pear Moonstone
    3. Pear Labradorite Ring
    4. Small Pear Labradorite

I can't wait see all your photos! Email them to rachael@simplychicjewelry.me for your special discount code!

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