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My Favorite Gemstones

It’s no secret that I love gemstones. When I first started making hand forged designs, they were simple and lacked color. But I’ve come to align myself, and SCJ with various gemstones that “fit” the brand. 

My two favorite gemstones to not only wear, but also design with, are rainbow moonstones and herkimer diamonds. This classic pairing will help you purify your chakras, open them and allow spiritual energy to flow all while calming your emotional state and overreactions to stress and stimulation. 

I also love mixing these two together when it comes to designs. There are so many options available to create your perfect look. They’re neutral and will match everything in your wardrobe!

See one of my favorite combos below:

Moonstone studs - herkimer bar necklace - herkimer stacking set 


You can either dress them up or down, they’re so versatile! But I loved them paired with a simple cute dress in a neutral color. 

How do you wear your moonstone and herkimer combination? 

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