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November is Citrine Season

Ah, it's November 1, and in the US, we're definitely in the middle of Autumn. The beautiful changing leaves and cooler temperatures will start to leave us soon for stark winter (I'm not a winter fan!). 

But until then, we celebrate the Citrine!  Citrine is an alternative birthstone for the month of November for those who don't like traditional topaz. 

Citrine is a joyful stone with bright energy which lights up many aspects of lives of those who work with it. It has energies of good fortune and good luck, though these may appear in unexpected ways. Citrine is a fabulous stone to use to combat negative energy of any kind by breaking them up and dissipating them. It is helpful to clear unwanted energies from the environment, whether it be home, office, car, or other space indoors or out. Family issues caused by negative energies can also be cleared for resolution. Since it eliminates negative energies, it is good for protection in general and helps bring stability energetically.

I don't know about you, but I could sure use citrine in my life! 

You can get Citrine in our Birthstone Designs. I think it looks best paired with Silver, but also looks great with Rose Gold.


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